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Live Debate Featuring Dr. Chirantan Kadian, President Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh on Mirror Now dated 27.11.2018 on Veterinarian’s Rights.

Comments of elite PCP vets on Introduction of Combined Vaccine of HS and FMD

Its was not an easy task , going against the wishes of centre and state government. Sir i personally know how much efforts you have put in. If we the vets of HARYANA are able to prove it right. We are seeing history in making and the generation will cherish your hard work and efforts. The first dream project of PCM and brain child of PCP paid off. Dr. Utpal Kashyap A lot of hard work was behind this magnolious achievement. It‘s an achievement meant for all, the vet fraternity, paravets, farmers, livestock...All.. Once again, we are thankful to Dr Chirantan, who continued with the mission despite lot of initial hiccups. You didn’t give up, hence it‘s there eventually... Ably supported by HQ team, aptly forwarded by hon’ble ACS and DG sir. It’s time to re-ignite the core team of PCP with renewals of memberships from you all. We all promise, yet again, we are here to deliver...Dr. Vijay Kadian You are absolutely right Dr Kashyap Pradhan Ji has indeed put in relentless efforts day and night Hats off. Dr. Punita Pardhan ji has performed his role sincerely and Brilliantly,now it is duty of field staff to make this great achievement fruitful. 👍🏻 Dr. Prem Singh Yadav Congrats Dr Chirantan ji and team who all directly indirectly made sincere efforts in achieving impossible tasks under PCP and done whatever said. Dr. Vidhya Sagar

Achievements of Pashu Chikitsak Parishad since its inception 27.12.2015

Dear Doctor,

We are submitting a report on our working to our fellow brethren for consideration and perusal please. We submit that for past one year, we have not been able to communicate personally and the fault has been ours due to my personal poor health and commitment to Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh due to which we have been able to get pilot project of combined vaccine of HS and FMD to our state which is a big revolutionary step benefiting veterinarians and para-vets.  We have affiliated with Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh and World Veterinary Association. We request your honour to please strengthen PCP by each working actively by increasing the membership, renewal and inputs. We seek excuse for any dereliction on our part and commit to perform even better.  We express our deep gratitude to   Dr. S.K. Gulati, worthy ACSAH, Dr. G.S Jakhar, Ex DGAH, team Pashudhan of Dr. Sominder Juneja, Dr. Naresh Kakkar, Dr. Narender Thukral, Dr’s Punita, Jagdeep Yadav, Surender Yadav, Bharat Yadav, Prem Singh, O.P. Mandiya and Dr. Kulwant Chahal for their contribution in introduction of combined vaccine.

1. Confirmation of 875 Veterinary Surgeons pending since 2000.
2. In-service Post Graduation Policy for veterinary doctors with Pay.
3. Rationalization of Wages/Salary to Contractual Veterinary Surgeons to highest in the country to Rs. 53100/- .
4. Recruitment of 284 Veterinary Surgeons on contractual basis.
5. Restoration of the pay scale of Director General to Rs. 67000-79000, the highest in the country.
6. Grant of Group “A” status to Veterinary Surgeons w.e.f. 12.01.2017.
7. Creation of 26 posts of SDO AH and one post of DD AH.
8. Recruitment of 246 Veterinary Surgeons in process.
9. Recruitment of VLDAs on contractual and regular basis to assist the field Veterinary Surgeons demand.
10. Timely promotions to SDO AH and DD AH.
11. Timely ACP to Veterinarians of Animal Husbandry Department. Pending 2nd ACP and 1st ACP under process.
12. Winning all the four elected seats in Haryana Veterinary Council.
13. Organization of two mega conventions of PCP with seminars at Rohtak and Chandigarh.
14. Creation of Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh a National Veterinary Service Association.
16. The demand for action against quackery acceded by Govt. through notification empowering SDOAH to take action.
17. We have got all members of PCP insured free for accidental death from the contribution received from members. This is unique throughout India.
18. Sanction for increasing the period of contractual VS already in service.

In Process of Implementation.

  1. Rationalization of Pay Scales of Veterinary Cadre of Animal Husbandry Department– For the first time, a meeting under Chairmanship of Hon’ble Finance Minister held on 08.07.2016. The demand was acceded in principle by Hon’ble Finance Minister and case sent with recommendation to DGAH for putting up detailed proposal of restructuring of Pay Scales. Now, that the file of functional pay scales has been held up, we have requested for up gradation of entry pay scales.
  2. Up gradation of entry pay scales:- We have taken up the issue of up gradation of entry pay scales with the DGAH and submitted documentary rules of HP, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Union of India and the process is under way.
  3. On meeting with DGAH the following issues are being taken up at war footing by Directorate.
  4. HPSC requisition for fresh recruitment of Veterinary Surgeons acceded.
  5. Fresh recruitment of VS on contractual basis acceded as a stop gap arrangement only.
  6. Request for increasing the salary of contractual VS from Rs. 53,100/- with DA.
  7. Incentive for higher qualification and up gradationof knowledge by encouraging in service Post Graduate qualifications by reserving seats in LUVAS for in service cadre.
  8. Change of Nomenclature of various posts of Veterinarians in Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department, Haryana. We are again perusing the demand and the matter is under process again.
  9. Amendment in Group B service rules by incorporating the condition of Registration with Haryana Veterinary Councilas required under Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984. The file has been approved by Hon’ble CM and the case is with HPSC and Chief Secretary.
  10. Amendment in Group A service rules.

It is submitted that the amendments in Group A service rules are pending since July 2007 and now the file has been approved by Hon’ble CM and the case is with Finance Department. The file was dumped and has again been taken up by worthy ACSAH and DGAH and a committee under the chairmanship of worthy DGAH constituted to report within 03 months.  A Committee of PCP constituted to peruse the demand of Dr. Surender Duhan, Dr. Subhash Ahlawat and Dr.O.P. Mandiya.

  1. Grant of Head of Office Status to SDO AH– pending with directorate for comments. Worthy ACSAH has been kind enough to accede more than the demanded and has increased the financial powers of SDOAH and DDAH to Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 40,000/- respectively. We have also been granted increased powers of destruction/auction. We are obliged and blessed by action of ACSAH.
  2. Grant of risk allowance– pending with directorate for comments. A letter was issued to all Deputy Directors but no reply till date has been received.
  3. Grant of ACP’s to Veterinary Surgeons:- 3rd and 2nd ACP has been granted. We have requested worthy DGAH for pending first, second and third ACPs for which the branch has been directed to immediately take up.

We assure you all of our committed and dedicated approach to serve you.

With Regards,

Dr. Chirantan Kadian


Pashu Chikitsak Parishad

Haryana becomes the first state to undertake FMD+HS combined vaccination

Haryana becomes the first State of India to undertake FMD+HS (Foot and Mouth Disease + Hemorrhagic Septicaemia) combined vaccination program under FMD CP implemented by the Government of India. A permission letter in this regard was issued by Joint Secretary Ministry of agriculture and Farmers Welfare, GOI on 01 January 2019.

The letter was issued in response to the request made by the Haryana Government in this regard. Haryana Government has been given the permission to carry out vaccination with FMD+HS combined vaccine on Cattle and Buffalo with conditions which include working out a technical protocol in collaboration with ICAR and Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (LUVAS) Hisar, for surveillance and monitoring of the vaccinated population to generate authentic and representative data. State is also advised to test the potency and safety of the vaccine before administration and also monitor the movement of the vaccinated animals outside the State.

Implementation of FMD+HS combined vaccination program in Haryana is the apparent victory for the Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh (PCM) an apex body representing the Vets from all over the India. PCM under the able leadership of its Chairman Dr Chirantan Kadian was continuously pushing its demand for the use of combined vaccination which as per PCM would not only bring down the overall cost of the FMD CP program but will also improve the Veterinary services being provided by the Veterinary doctors.

PCM has regularly presented its demand at various levels to the GOI and its the personal and scientific logical effort of the Minister of State Agriculture Ministry GOI Krishna Raj which saw the approval for the combined vaccination program in the State of Haryana. PCM is hoping that the successful outcome of the FMD+HS combined vaccination program in Haryana would pave way for the implementation of FMD CP program using FMD+HS combined vaccine throughout the Nation.


In a major push for the adoption of combined FMD vaccine through out the country, the Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh (PCM) an apex national body of the Veterinarians met and submitted a memorandum to the MoS for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Krishna Raj on 17th December. The delegation of Vets comprising Office bearers of various State Veterinary associations led by PCM president Dr Chirantan Kadian met the Minister at Anand Gujarat where she had come to participate in a Workshop organised by NDDB.

Dr Kadian appraised the Minister regarding the work done by PCM. He also thanked the Minister for starting a pilot project on combined FMD vaccination in Haryana following an earlier demand by the PCM. PCM members while interacting with the Minister reiterated the fact that the combined FMD vaccination will not only benefit Vets but would also save the nation lots of money and manpower as in the present scenario Vets are busy through out the year administering vaccination which has a scheduled cycle of four times in a year. The combined vaccine will have to be administered once or twice in a year and Vets can then pert their energy toward better Animal Husbandry Medical services.

PCM also demanded the establishment of a separate Indian Council for Veterinary Research (ICVR) which is presently working under Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR). As per the PCM, establishment of a separate council will facilitate the research in the Veterinary Science and the Animal Husbandry at large. Some members also put forward the suggestion that there should be a separate ministry for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary sciences.

Dr Kadian raised the issue of poor functioning of the Veterinary Council of India (VCI) and the urgent need for revamp of the same as a near non functional VCI is hurting the interests of Vets at the national level. PCM President also requested the Minister to include members of PCM in the important committees whenever they are formed to formulate National policies pertaining to Animal Husbandry and Veterinary services since PCM is the only vibrant body of the Vets of the India at the moment.

Minister Krishna Raj had given a patient hearing to the demands raised by delegates of PCM and thanked Dr Chirantan Kadian for bringing out the concerns of the Vets which are of National importance. She also lauded the efforts of Dr Chirantan Kadian for leading the PCM with purpose and fervour.




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Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh gets accreditation as national association and included in supporting organisation. All are invited to register as delegates to conference.

A great success for PCM and PCP that tender for combined vaccine floated yesterday .What was considered impossible has been made success by PCP. Journey started on 07.05.2017 and we are galloping to success. PCM born on 20.08.2017 getting success.
We request all to strengthen the movement to rejuvenate profession.

Commonwealth Veterinary Association’s Invitation

We adore, admire and abhinandan

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Sarsangh Chalak, RSS
Sh. O.P. Dhankar

Sh. O.P. Dhankar

Animal Husbandry Minister, Haryana
Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar

Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar

Chief Minister, Haryana
Sh. Dattopant Thengadi

Sh. Dattopant Thengadi

Sh. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

Sh. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

Himachal Pradesh Veterinary Officer’s Association wishing Shri Tarun Shridhar IAS ACS Animal Husbandry Himachal Pradesh for his new assignment in Govt. of India and wishing that Animal Husbandry sector will flourish under his guidance.

PCM delegation at Krishi Bhawan on courtesy call and welcoming Sh. Tarun Shridhar Ji Secretary Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries Govt. of India.

Pashu Chikitsak Parishad &
Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh

Pashu Chikitsak Parishad is a registered organization with affiliation to Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh vide no. ASSO/HR/4/2017 formed in December 2015 and organised its first convention at RadhaKrishanan Auditorium Rohtak on December 27, 2015.

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Change of Nomenclature file with finance Department after approval of Hon’ble AHM and CM. Draft Online transfer policy for veterinary surgeon VLDA And Class IV employees Haryana Government Gazette 2018

Reaction And Comments by Honorable Members

Big hands for president and all the besr for "under process" files. Dr. Renu Thanks for sharing the details of works done by pcp . I extended my support to this organization for achieving the pending demands of veterinary surgeons.with best wishes. Dr Rambir Thakan We sincerely believe in your mentorship and hope that PCP will achieve all its pending objectives timely. Ravi Dalal Thanks sir for making me part of it. You r great. Neetu Dundlee Kudos to you Dr. Sahab.... God bless u. Gaurav Chhabra Congratulations for the achievements and hope that the rest of the demands including the incentive to post graduates and Doctrates will also be given due priority. Thanks for the dedicated efforts for the uplifting the profession. Subhash Chander A lot of thanks Dr C Kadian. We all are with you every time. You are great personality and we hopeful all achievements will get soon. Again very very thankful sir. Dr. Mohan Nehra It’s very disappointing that such a big event (Postpone programme scheduled for 13.5.2018 at Hisar) is cancelled due to lack in unity or I must say lack in communication in young veterinarians. We are thankful to you for always helping us and keeping our demands to higher officials and getting them cleared. We will try to shortout the differences and get back to you for further guidance. Dr Shiv Kishore Bishnoi Dear sir, first i would like to thank your kind self, all the members of PCP, Respected AHM sir, on behalf of all contractual vets serving in department for providing us opportunity to serve. Secondly sir, learnt from a mail from your prestigious office about postponing program scheduled on 13/5/18 for highlighting the demands of young vets which not only remained very painful for all young vets working on contract but also demolish the hopes of employment budding in hearts of all young unemployed vets on upcoming contractual posts. Sir, our humble request to your kind self is that please understand that benefit of many should not be sacrificed for mala-fide interest of some. Further we request that we have full faith and believe in your leadership and request you to keep working towards our interests and benefits which is well proved by PCP from time to time under your kind guidance and leadership. Contractual vets Lastly our submission is

      HVC condition should be implemented as all other nearby states had various means and methods to stop Haryana candidates to appear.
      Recruitment process of contractual vets is law full and equal chances are provided to all vets to appear , proper advertisement and expert panel interview are done to made recruitment.
      More posts on contractual basis needs to be advertised and filled up as this will remain symbiotic to both vets and govt. As it not only Providing arrangements to earn livelihood in a respectful manner to vets but also making services and schemes available to common man until or unless a permanent arrangement is made later at some point of time.
      Recruitment of MBBS are made by department following same process which followed by our department in hiring on contractual basis so recruitment of vets is not only justified but also a step towards making vets at par with medicos.

Contractual Vets

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Pashu Chikitsak Parishad is an aspiration, hope and brotherly platform of Veterinarian’s of state of Haryana catering for the field veterinarian’s, Unemployed Vets and Student of LUVAS. We are committed to the demands of our fellow Veterinarian’s and their problems, improvement in departmental schemes and Implementation of both state government and departmental schemes. Our moto perform and achieve. Our affiliation Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) and Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh(PCM).

We are proud to be veterinarian.